Hol Park Apartments

Hol Park Apartments

This project is located in the Southwest part of the Beylikdüzü neighborhood in Istanbul.
These apartments are in 2 separate buildings, each consisting of one, two, or three bedroom apartments ranging from 87 to 355 square meters.

Turkish baths, a theater, restaurant, auditorium, library, gym, outdoor swimming pools, steam and dry sauna, barbecue area, 24 hour security, children’s play room, a mosque, and dedicated power generator.


  • Approximately 45 minutes away from Ataturk Airport.
  • Close distance from large shopping centers (Marmara Park – Prlvysta).
  • Close to the largest park under construction in Istanbul (Abdullah Gul, 314,000 square meters)
  • Short distance to major E5 highway.
  • Easy access to public transportation stations within the city, exhibition venues in Istanbul, and the University of Bacon and Fatyh.

Future Park Apartments

Future Park Apartments

In a 35,000 square meters lot and 24,500 meters of green space, the Apartment development is one of the best in Istanbul, consisting of 5 buildings with 7 to 33 floors.
The first smart project in Istanbul. Control everything inside your apartment remotely from all over the world!

Gym, Sauna, Outdoor swimming pools, basketball court, volleyball court, bicycle track, and walking track
Close to shopping centers, Central Exhibition Hall (Tuyap), universities, Public hospital centers

Future Park Hotel

A lucrative investment in the heart of Istanbul awaits you.
This hotel consists of 50 to 55 square meter units and one-bedroom suites (75 square meters).
As an owner of a unit, you will be able to spend 2 weeks per year in a memorable, historical, and beautiful city of Istanbul. You choose the date of your 2 weeks at the time of purchase.

Base price starts at $86,000 per unit. Prices vary depending on the square meters of your unit.
These beautiful units will be delivered to buyers fully furnished. There will be a separate fee added to your original contract of $15,000.

Why this is a good and profitable investment for you:

  • By paying 35% down and the remaining balance in 36 monthly installments without interest, you can be the owner of a stylish unit.
  • For two years after the delivery date of the unit, a minimum of $700/month per unit will be paid to the owner.
  • After 2 years, you will receive quarterly payments from hotel’s income (after deduction of expenses, profits will be divided among buyers).
  • When you buy a unit, you will be recognized as an owner in all legal documents, allowing you to applying for residency in Turkey.
  • You will not pay any home owner’s association fees out of pocket.

Gym, sauna, indoor pool, outdoor pool, volleyball court, basketball court, children’s play room, shopping center on the ground floor of the hotel, restaurant and cafe

Future hotel is located Southwest of Istanbul.
Projected date of completion is by the end of 2016.

Derdin Hotel

Derdin Hotel/Time share

Are you tired of urban life? Are you tired of the traffic in the streets? Does the air pollution in the cities affect you?
Let’s move to the heart of the green forest.
Derdin project is located in the forested area of Düzce.

This project is being built as a town in a forest, which includes:

  • 10 story buildings with 1 and 2 bedroom deluxe units
  • 4 story buildings with 1 and 2 bedroom Royal units
  • 1 story garden level 1 bedroom deluxe units

Düzce Location

  • Düzce is located at a distance of two and a half hours from Istanbul.
  • The area is about 4 hours away from Ankara.
  • Forty-five (45) minutes to Abant Gölüne (fun winter sport activities)

This is a time share project. By purchasing one of these units, you will have the opportunity to escape 2 weeks out of the year from all of the stressors of your urban life and relax with your family and friends.

Children’s playground, tennis court, theater, conference room, gym, indoor pool, outdoor pool, Turkish bath, and sauna.

Base price starts at 10,000 YTL or around $3655.37 (the dollar amount is based on exchange rate of the day)

This timeshare is ready for delivery to the owners by 2017.