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Spain’s Residence Through Financial Aid

Our emphasis is on the legality of the affairs, as well as on the steadfastness of the steps taken to obtain Spanish residency, and by avoiding the expression of false statements, attempts have been made to attract the growing trust of applicants for residency.

Our goal is to prevent the abuse of some of the profiteers who, in various ways, by providing methods and information false information try to mislead people and attract the interest of the applicants.

in order to obtain residency status there is no need to risk and endanger the capital and occupation of your current place of residency (Iran).

One of the requirements is to have a monthly income which could be provided through your checking account, a real estate lease, pension and stock dividend, and so on.

Minimum income

Head of the Family Monthly 2500 Euro

Spouse has a monthly salary of 600 euros

Each child is 600 euros a month

(Under-age children under the age of 18)


The application can be processed within 3 to 6 months( depending on the submission of documents by the applicant)

Benefits of obtaining Spanish residency through proof of financial compensation

  1. Once Spain residency status is obtained without compromising the applicant’s current capital in Iran, he would gain full knowledge of any investment opportunities including real estate, business, etc. during his stay in Spain. with the residence of the country at his own discretion, any investment, including the purchase of property, the establishment of the business And work, and so on
  2. Exempt from paying annual taxes (if you do not intend to set up a business in Spain)
  3. No age limit and degree of education.
  4. Ease of renewing the residence permit in Spain and possibility of requesting Spain passport after obtaining a five-year resident permit.
  5. The use of internationally recognized medical and therapeutic medical insurance
  6. Ease of obtaining visas from around the world, including the USA, Canada, and the United Kingdom

Documents required to receive a Spanish residency through proof of financial accountability

  1. Failure certificate from Iran (for all people over 12 years of age)
  2. Passport with a minimum validity of one year
  3. Health certificate from valid medical centers
  4. Applicant’s Identity Card (if required, the ID of the applicant is required)
  5. Applicant’s business documents
  6. Monthly income certificate (through bank deposit profits, real estate lease, pension, dividends, etc.)
  7. Property and Asset Registration Documents
  8. Annual tax return for the past 3 years in economic activities
  9. Tax debt certificate and fulfillment of all obligations
  10. Marriage certificate (if the applicant’s wife asks for a stay)

important points:

  • All the above documents must be translated into Spanish and approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Judiciary.
  • All documents that should be requested from Iran after Spanish translation, and confirmation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Judiciary, along with the documents received from Spain on the due date from the applicant to the Spanish Embassy in Tehran.
  • Our experienced staff along with immigration lawyer (Spanish) will accompany the applicant to receive a Spanish residency card (ending).
  • If needed, the applicants will be helped after the process ends.

The company will not be held liable for any travel bans on the applicant (Black List) to European countries, including Spain, as well as any forgery or illegality of the documents provided by the applicant.

It must be noted that there is no maximum of funds and assets provided through financial documentation, while financial strength is directly affected by the acceleration and outcome of the process and does not result in any liability, including tax, which is merely an accounting advantage.

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